Oak Ridge, Tennessee     April 4-6, 2017

The 12th Annual Cyber and Information Security Research (CISR) Conference will be held at the conference center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and published by the ACM.

April 4 - 6, 2017

Cyberspace is fundamental to our national prosperity, as it has become critical to commerce, research, education, and government. Realizing the benefits of this shared environment requires that we are able to properly balance the risks and rewards, understand and communicate threats to security and privacy, and rapidly adapt any resulting approach to a changing adversarial environment.

The 12th Annual Cyber and Information Security Research Conference at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee will bring together cyber security researchers, program managers, decision makers, security vendors, and practitioners to discuss many challenging tasks and novel solutions pertaining to cyber security.

During the Cyber & Information Security Research (CISR) Conference, the DHS Transition to Practice (TTP) program will be presenting and demoing seven technologies developed at Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL), Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL), Sandia National Labs (SNL) and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), an NSF funded University. These technologies are ready to be piloted in an operational environment or transitioned into a commercially available product. During the TTP track, you’ll hear directly from the research teams that have developed these technologies, see the technologies in action, and join in discussions. If you’re looking for innovative cyber technologies for your organization, you also have the opportunity to pilot or license the technologies through the TTP program.

About TTP: The Transition to Practice (TTP) Program identifies promising federally-funded cybersecurity technologies from sources that includes DOE and DOD laboratories, FFRDCs and academia, and accelerates their path from the research lab to the marketplace. Technologies selected by TTP go through a structured process that focuses on validating the technology through testing and evaluation (T&E) and pilot deployments, accelerating time to market by providing researchers with training and market research, and connecting them with investors and potential licensors through outreach, industry events, and Technology Demonstration Days.

The TTP technologies being showcased at this event are:

DDNR (SNL): Dynamic Defense & Network Randomization
Situ (ORNL): Discovering and Explaining Suspicious Behavior
PEACE (WPI): Policy Enforcement and Access Control for End-points
Akatosh (ORNL): System for near real-time automated malware impact analysis and recovery
SilentAlarm (PNNL): Detecting Abnormal Network Traffic
Scalable Reasoning System (SRS) (PNNL): Threat Landscape Analysis for the Cyber Defender
CPAD (ORNL): Cyber Physical Attack Detection